About Us

by Magnus
Wendy Eriksson & Magnus Eriksson

Our Story

Our kids had left home and it was time for the two of us to head out into the world. We flew to the UK and bought a 70ft narrowboat.

For a year we cruised the english waterways, with their beautiful canals and rivers. We checked out the tow path pubs. It was a wonderful experience. 

Our next big step was swap steel for fibreglass. We found the perfect yacht, a 43 foot Hans Christian Ketch, which had been neglected and floating at anchor for over 3 years. SV Nutshell was in need of plenty of TLC.

Our plan is to sail her back to Australia, the long, long way, exploring the many places we come across.

We’d love you to join us on our travels as we check out the islands, towns and villages along the way, and search for local ales to sample.

How we met

People often ask us how we met…

We met in 1990 when Wendy had just arrived in Australia as a backpacker and Magnus just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Wendy Eriksson

Wendy Eriksson

Crazy Creative & Artist

I love to paint and create and have a positive attitude to life and travel. I can’t wait to see the world and experience the different cultures and cuisines. Did I mention that I also love to cook!

One of the best pieces of advice that Magnus told me was to always say YES, unless there was a reason to say no. It opens many doors and makes for an interesting life.

Magnus Eriksson

Magnus Eriksson


My motto in life is ‘Just do it’. You only get a limited time so do, and try everything that you can. Life is for living.

Sailing is in my blood and it’s been my life long dream to sail around the world. I’ve done quite a bit, and seen a good chunk of this amazing world. I’d now like to experience it from the water.